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Meet our industry titans

We are a passionate team with backgrounds in business, research, security, engineering and design. Meet some of us below.

Brendan Eich photo

Brendan Eich

Founder & CEO

Creator of JavaScript, Mozilla, Firefox...

Brian Bondy photo

Brian Bondy

Founder & CTO

Yan Zhu photo

Yan Zhu

Chief Information Security Officer

Ben Livshits photo

Ben Livshits

Chief Scientist

Brian Brown photo

Brian Brown

Chief Business Officer

Bill Engles photo

Bill Engles

Chief Financial Officer

Brad Richter photo

Brad Richter

VP of Design

Brian Clifton photo

Brian Clifton

VP of Engineering

Jimmy Secretan photo

Jimmy Secretan

VP of Services & Operations

Des Martin photo

Des Martin

VP of Marketing

Catherine Corre photo

Catherine Corre

VP of Communications

Donny Dvorin photo

Donny Dvorin

Head of Sales

Marshall Rose photo

Marshall Rose

Principal Engineer

Luke Mulks photo

Luke Mulks

VP of Business Operations

Peter Snyder photo

Peter Snyder

Sr. Privacy Researcher and Director of Privacy

Jan Piotrowski photo

Jan Piotrowski

VP of Business


Zooko Wilcox photo

Zooko Wilcox

The Zcash Company, Mojo Nation, DigiCash...

Greg Badros photo

Greg Badros

Facebook, Google...

Ankur Nandwani photo

Ankur Nandwani

Coinbase, Lookout, Qualcomm

Jon Bond photo

Jon Bond

Tomorro LLC, Kirshenbaum & Bond